CBD Oil and Mental Health

Mental health is probably the number one problem in the United States right now, if you combine the effects of opioid addiction, school shootings,  and time lost from work. News stories show that we clearly have a lot of people who need help and not enough resources to treat them.  And there is also the feeling in the profession of psychology that people like Freud, who based their theories on myth rather than neuroscience, set the field back about fifty years.

Neuroscientists, data-driven psychologists, molecular biologists, and others are now taking research into a different direction. The brain’s neuroplasticity, or ability to be rewired, is changing the entire field of mental health.

The doesn’t help the tens of thousands of people who don’t have health insurance, do not want to take antidepressants, or suffer from their numerous side effects.

CBD Oil’s Role In Mental Health

That is where CBD could come in, and why  https://nbdr.co is so focused on this business.

In initial studies CBD has shown promise in treating both depression and anxiety because of its interaction with serotonin receptors in the brain. And CBD does not cause side effects.

Serotonin is what researchers have found affects the emotional state and gives you feelings of happiness. Most antidepressants are based on some kind of reaction with serotonin receptors. Keeping serotonin levels in balance is how depression is managed. Anxiety too can be managed with CBD.

A roundup of promising research on animals shows that CBD has positive effects on depression and anxiety: “CBD has proved to be a useful and versatile substance as well as being safe with an effective dosage that is far from the lethal dose. According to the experiment, CBD did not affect the cognitive functioning or mobility of rats in prey and predator experiments animals treated with CBD froze fewer times when exposed to dangerous situations allowing them to escape from the situation.”

There’s no denying that humans aren’t rats. However, however, the animal studies give us a clue as to what to look for as we begin to seriously study anxiety and depression in humans.

Another study from Frontiers in Immunology concluded that CBD is a useful and promising molecule that may help patients with a number of clinical conditions. Controlled clinical trials with different neuropsychiatric populations that are currently under investigation should bring important answers in the near future and support the translation of research findings to clinical settings.”

In the same way we are beginning to understand the role of plants in nutrition and adjust the rules about diet to prevent aging and promote good health, we are beginning to understand the role of CBD in psychology and mental health.

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