Lots of veterinarians across the country have started recommending CBD for their patients. As a result, many pet stores have started carrying these products. If you want to increase your revenue significantly, you’ll want to at least consider offering them to your customers. It is, however, crucial that you find the right wholesale program. With so many options to choose from, you don’t want to go with just any of them. Instead you will want to be careful so you get the best possible deal.

What Can CBD do for Dogs?

CBD has been shown to be extremely effective when it comes to reducing canine anxiety and joint aches from arthritis. These are both very common issues that dogs have, and it is completely natural treatment.

These days more and more dog owners are turning to this solution for help. If you want to offer this option to your pet store customers, there are tons of products available. Cannabidiol can also help with restless sleep, nausea, and appetite problems. Dogs that are undergoing cancer treatment can especially benefit from these products.

The fact is that CBD works for dogs in much the same way as it does for humans. It can provide the same relief from difficult health problems. This is why so many people with dogs are using these products to help their canine companions.

CBD Dog Treats

You will quickly find that there are a variety of CBD products aimed specifically at dogs. These products range from treats to oral sprays. It is a good idea to offer your customers a variety of options so they can get their needs met no matter what.

No Borders Naturals can provide you with high quality dog products that are loaded with pure CBD isolate. This company’s PAWSifier Soft Chew Medicated CBD Dog Treats are an especially popular option.

These dog treats can effectively reduce inflammation, which is very effective for arthritis joint aches and other issues. They are very easy for most dogs to chew and contain 5 milligrams of actual cannabidiol from hemp isolate. This is a great solution for most dogs that weigh 1 to 15 pounds.

You can even get a free sample of these soft chew treats from this company at no charge. This helps save your business money while giving you a better idea as to whether or not this product is a good choice. These wholesale CBD dog treats can make all the difference in the world for your customers’ pets.


If your dog has difficulty chewing for any reason, a spray product might be a better option to go with. They can be just as effective as the treats when it comes to getting these animals relief without any issues with chewing.

The K9 Joint Relief Oral CBD Spray that is also sold by No Borders Naturals is yet another excellent product to consider. It can be very helpful for dogs that have chronic discomfort and soreness problems due to age related illness. Dogs that have insomnia or trouble settling down can definitely benefit from being given this spray on a daily basis. It comes in a 25 ounce container and is easy to apply.

CBD Oil Tinctures for Dogs

There are also traditional oil tinctures made to help with the stress and anxiety that many dogs experience on a daily basis. These products are offered by many wholesale programs because they are top sellers in pet stores. This could be an amazing money making opportunity for your own business.

The Pet Wellness CBD Elixir from No Borders Naturals comes in a two ounce bottle with 500 milligrams of hemp-derived, lab-tested cannabidiol. It offers a potent solution to many dog owners who are in need of a definitive anxiety treatment for their pet. This is one of the best CBD products that a pet store can offer its customers. It is specially crafted to provide these animals with quick relief.

High Quality Products

If you are going to get involved with a CBD wholesale program for dogs, it is important to look for one that offers top quality products. No Borders Naturals has a reputation for offering some of the most potent, safest and effective CBD solutions for these animals. All of their products from dog treats to sprays use hemp-derived CBD that does not contain any THC whatsoever. The quality of the products you get for your business will ultimately determine how easy they are for you to sell. This is why it is so important to focus on quality above almost anything else.


The reliability of the company you go through for a wholesale CBD program for dog products is also very important. You need to be able to count on them to provide you with consistently good quality products without late delivery.

No Borders naturals always delivers to their wholesale customers on time with no unpleasant surprises whatsoever. This is just one of the reasons why so many pet stores and other businesses have partnered with them. A high degree of reliability means that you don’t have to worry about anything unexpected, which can affect a business very negatively.


Unfortunately, a lot of businesses charge an arm and a leg for CBD dog treats and similar products. If you are going to buy these products wholesale for your business, you’ll want to save as much money as possible.

Buying these products from No Borders Naturals means a 50% profit margin, which is remarkably impressive compared to most other options. This greatly increases your chances of turning a healthy profit for your own business. Reasonable pricing is definitely something to look for in one of these programs.


The fact is that CBD products sell extremely well for dogs and other animals. Teaming up with the right company with a good wholesale program can help your business tremendously. This is an option that you should definitely consider before making a decision either way.