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    With something for everyone, you can’t go wrong with this CBD 3 Piece Gift Set! Our bestselling, three piece gift set includes three of our most unique and well loved products from the entire range. This includes convenient, travel-sized products like: Whether you’re treating inflammation, discomfort, soreness or stress, our lab-tested CBD products work to quickly ease your mind and minimize your pain. With several options to choose from, you can take one of the Gummy Gems for some mental clarity and increased focus, or concentrate on applying our CBD Lotion to sore muscles after an intense workout. Each piece allows you or a loved one to experience the benefits of CBD for themselves, as well as their four legged friends, in order to find the product or application method that works best for them.
  • Now you can sample everyone's favorite CBD topical! Our CBD Muscle & Joint Balms are just the things to prove that some things are better together. This soothing balm combines the benefits of both CBD as well as essential oils to create the ultimate relaxing experience that is sure to calm your mind and soothe irritations in no time. These CBD balms come in a variety of scents and combinations in order to specifically target some of your main concerns. Looking at our Relax CBD Muscle & Joint Balm, this particular blend has been crafted to be especially calming and restorative after a long, stressful day. Along with emu oil to enhance absorption, this product also contains lavender essential oil to calm nerves and prepare you for a restful night’s sleep. But, as the name suggests, this product offers more than just relaxation. Our CBD Muscle & Joint Balms utilizes our lab-tested, hemp-derived CBD to help soothe sore muscles, reduce inflammation, help with muscle recovery, and loosen stiff or aching joints. All of these benefits help to restore your full range of motion so you can get back to your day or evening with minimal discomfort. Like all of our Topicals, we recommend applying a small amount to the affected area and gently massaging the product into the skin until it has completely absorbed, enjoying the tranquil scent of this relaxing balm.
    Emu Oil, Beeswax, Hemp CBD Isolate, Essential Oil Blend available in (Natural) and (Lavender - Relax)
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    Pick the perfect CBD gift set for dad with plenty of options to help him relax and recover! From our CBD Roll-On that he can bring on the go to his job sites, or use after a workout, to our 200mg Gummy Variety Pack that will aid in those much needed night's of rest, your dad will LOVE this gift set. This pack would be ideal for those hard-working dads out there that need their own wellness kit. This pack contains some of our favorite body care products as well as a trial pack of our Gummy Variety Pack, to bring you the ultimate in relaxation. Each product has been individually lab-tested for quality, efficacy and purity and is proudly made right here in the USA.
  • CBD Sour Gummy Bears

    If you’re looking for a little kick, we’ve got you covered! Our CBD Sour Gummy Bears offer just the right amount of lip-puckering tartness and all of the great taste you’d expect from any other sour gummy bear. But unlike other sour gummies, our’s are packed with 20mg of CBD, derived from our premium hemp oil isolate. This unique compound delivers all of the benefits of CBD without any THC, so you can feel free to incorporate these products daily without it interfering in your routine. In fact, CBD helps to support you throughout the day in a variety of ways including:
    • Improving mental focus and clarity, even through the afternoon slump
    • Decreased response to everyday stressors or chronic anxiety
    • More stable and restful sleep patterns

    These benefits and more help to prepare you for the day ahead and make sure that no matter what life throws at you, you can power through with confidence. Our CBD Sour Gummy Bears, as well as all of our products, are always lab-tested for purity and efficacy and are proudly made here in the USA.

  • The Amazing No Borders Naturals "Sleep Dealer" Tank Top.
  • The infamous No Borders Naturals "Sleep Dealer" T-shirt.
  • The Amazing No Borders Naturals "Sleep Dealer" Tank Top.
  • The infamous No Borders Naturals Logo T-shirt.