Amazingly Delicious Fruit Snacks

If you’re craving that citrus sweet taste with your CBD, we’ve got you covered! Our Organic Fruit Chews are designed to offer the ideal dosage of CBD to kickstart your day. Each individually wrapped gummy has been infused with 20 MG of CBD, thanks to our lab-tested, naturally derived, hemp oil isolate. This particular strand of the cannabis plant offers all of the therapeutic benefits of CBD without the presence of THC.

With our CBD gummies, as well many of our other edible products, you can expect:

  • Increased clarity and calm due to CBD oil’s unique ability to interact with our adenosine receptors to promote a better sense of overall well being and concentration.
  • Decreased inflammation throughout the body
  • A marked reduction in stress and anxiety caused by everyday stressors

Since our lives are already busy, and only getting busier, we’ve designed our Organic Fruit Chews, as well as our other gummy products to be easy to incorporate into your everyday life. Simply take one when needed and more forward with the rest of your day!