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  • We know that everyone’s tastes are a little bit different, which is exactly why we offer some of our most popular products in a convenient, 3 piece gift set. Each set includes three trial or travel sized products that allows you, or a loved one, to try out some of the different CBD options out on the market. This includes edibles, topicals, oils and even pet products, depending on your needs. This multi-functional 3 Piece CBD Gift Set Contains: With this range of products, you can feel free to try all of the different forms of CBD that we offer for personal care and use, to find exactly what you enjoy using the most. Additionally, if you’re trying to turn a friend or loved one onto the healing and relaxing benefits of CBD, these sets make the perfect gift and a great introduction into all of the unique CBD and hemp based products that are available today. Like all of our products, the three trial sized items in this gift set are all lab-tested for efficacy and purity and are made with love right here in the USA.
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    With something for everyone, you can’t go wrong with this CBD 3 Piece Gift Set! Our bestselling, three piece gift set includes three of our most unique and well loved products from the entire range. This includes convenient, travel-sized products like: Whether you’re treating inflammation, discomfort, soreness or stress, our lab-tested CBD products work to quickly ease your mind and minimize your pain. With several options to choose from, you can take one of the Gummy Gems for some mental clarity and increased focus, or concentrate on applying our CBD Lotion to sore muscles after an intense workout. Each piece allows you or a loved one to experience the benefits of CBD for themselves, as well as their four legged friends, in order to find the product or application method that works best for them.
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    CBD can be an incredible source of healing, and can be an excellent addition to your regular relaxing routine. Each of our gift sets offer three, travel sized products to help encourage relaxation, calm and comfort throughout the body and mind. Within this Gift Set, we offer three travel-sized goodies, including: This pack would be ideal for those of you who would like to start building your own self-care kit or would like to help a loved one create their own self-care kit. This pack contains two of our favorite skincare and bodycare products as well as a trail pack of our Gummy Variety Pack, to bring you the ultimate in relaxation. Each product has been individually lab-tested for quality, efficacy and purity and is proudly made right here in the USA.