You’d think that star athletes would be among the last people to experiment with CBD, but they are actually one of the largest user demographics. They train and practice and work their bodies to the max, and they need a benign painkiller and anti-inflammatory. They’ve gravitated to CBD. 

That’s partly because in 2017, the World Anti-Doping Agency, which has come under scrutiny in the past  for being either too lenient or too strict, removed CBD from its list of banned ingredients. We’re guessing  they realized that the use of CBD could not sway performance results either way, even though it might allow an athlete to participate who might have been otherwise sidelined by discomfort. That’s been an amazing development, but also in 2017 former NBA commissioner David Stern said the NBA should allow players to use  medical marijuana. And this year the NFL and the players association partnered to study marijuana and CBD as alternatives to opioids. You can read more about this in the highly regarded tech magazine, Wired.


Athletes have jumped on the CBD bandwagon even on the basis of sheer anecdotal evidence because high performance athletes spend most of their lives with aches and discomfort. And they really would like to find something to relieve it that wouldn’t become addicting or influence their performance.


So far CBD is about the only substance they feel they can depend on. Opioids rewire the brain, but CBD is neither psychotropic nor addicting, and is safe to use on a daily basis.


We have just learned that some athletes have even started their own CBD companies that help them with both discomfort and anxiety. For example former Boston Celtic Paul Pierce has crippling anxiety. and recently retired New England Patriots Star Rob Gronkowski uses CBD for relief.


The funny thing is that scientists have no proof right now that CBD relieves discomfort other than what people say. The scientists are studying it, and they are in about the midpoint of their studies. But they are way behind the citizens, as I feel we already know that customers talk to each other, and if they spend money on a product it’s because it works for them. Here’s the real interesting point: our re-order information is our “scientific” proof. Why spend money on something repeatedly if you don’t think it works.


Large-scale scientific studies have to prove themselves efficacious for populations of radically different people, whereas friends can recommend CBD to each other and they can try it and see if it works with no downside risk. The one thing we know about CBD is that it safe to use, and that’s the most important thing we need to know about anything we put into or on our bodies.

To find out if CBD is going to work for you, you simply have to try it, and if it works reorder it. But before you give it up saying it doesn’t work you should try a high-quality supplier. People often come to NBN after they have tried other brands of CBD that actually said different things on the labels from what was actually in the product.


That’s never true with us. What you see is what you get.