Over the years hemp oil has become massively popular all over the world because of its many benefits and uses. This oil is completely natural and comes in a variety of forms. If you are interested in alternative healing and remedies, you will definitely want to keep reading. We will cover all the basics of hemp oil that you need to know before making a decision.

What Exactly is Hemp Oil?

Hemp seed oil as it is also known, comes from the cannabis plant. It is made up of Cannabidiol (CBD), which is a compound that is similar to but not the same as THC. The primary difference between these compounds is that CBD is not psychoactive. This means that hemp oil won’t give you a “high” feeling like you would get from consuming marijuana, which features THC as the active ingredient. Hemp has to contain 0.3% THC or less in order to be sold legally.

How Hemp Oil Affects the Body

Scientists discovered the very first cannabinoid in the brain back in 1988. It wasn’t much longer until we discovered how exactly hemp oil affects the body. This oil prevents the breakdown of anandamide reuptake, which boosts endocannabinoid levels in the brain. Anandamide is a very important chemical that the brain produces to prevent seizures and other neurological problems. When consumed, this oil interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are found in the nervous system.

Benefits of Hemp Oil

There are a plethora of hemp oil benefits that you should be aware of before deciding how to use it:

  • Reduces Inflammation. Hemp oil has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce discomfort associated with conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even irritable bowel syndrome. Numerous scientific studies have shown that it is incredibly effective at fighting inflammation. This makes it a very popular natural remedy for joint and muscle pain. It can be just as effective if not more so than over-the-counter pain medications like Ibuprofen.
  • Treatment for Stress and Anxiety. If you have problems managing stress and anxiety, CBD oil can be incredibly beneficial. While it doesn’t get you high per-se, it does create a feeling of overall relaxation. Clinical studies have shown that this natural oil can be very helpful with reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. Many people have started using it in place of prescription medications that are potentially dangerous.
  • Better Night’s Sleep. Another huge benefit of taking hemp oil is that it can provide you with a better night’s sleep. This is largely due to the relaxed sensation that you get from consuming the oil. It can even be helpful to those who suffer from insomnia and sleep apnea.

It’s Safe

Hemp oil is perfectly safe to consume for a vast majority of people. It is 100% natural and doesn’t typically cause any negative side-effects whatsoever. The rare side-effects that a small percentage people experience from using it are very mild.


It is important that you take the right amount of hemp oil to achieve the desired effects. The CBD oil dosage varies depending on what you want to take it for. It also depends on your weight and the concentration Cannabidiol.

  • For pain: If you want to take CBD to relieve mild pain, a dosage of anywhere from 4.5 to 22.5 milligrams is fairly standard. For medium level pain, a dosage of 6 to 30 milligrams is appropriate. Treating severe pain with this oil can be done with a dosage of 9 to 45 milligrams. The more you weigh, the higher the dosage needs to be within these ranges.
  • Sleep problems: If you have a serious sleep disorder like insomnia, a dosage of 40 to 160 milligrams can help you.
  • Anxiety: One study found that a dosage of 40 to 600 milligrams of CBD oil can help significantly with managing anxiety symptoms.

Keep in mind that there is no right hemp oil dosage for everyone, as it depends on numerous factors. You should start off on the low end to avoid any unpleasant side-effects. 

History of Hemp Oil

The hemp seed oil history is actually quite extensive and fascinating. The hemp plant dates back at least 10,000 years. Carbon tests have revealed that it was used as early on as 8,000 B.C. Rogers Adams successfully extracted CBD from a cannabis sativa plant in 1940. This wasn’t Adams’ intention though, and it wasn’t until years later that the full discovery of what he did was made.

The very first CBD test on lab animals was conducted in 1946. This series of tests were very important, as they gave us the first real look at hemp oil’s medicinal benefits. Research with this oil continued on into the 1960s with primates. Over the next thirty years, Dr. Mechoulam made the discovery that hemp oil could aid in the treatment of epilepsy.

Today, hemp oil supplements are incredibly popular in the U.S. and all over the world. It is completely legal in most places, but with some minor restrictions regarding THC content. Research is still being done, but we know a lot more about it than even a decade ago.

Final Thoughts

Hemp oil can be incredibly beneficial for virtually everyone, which is why it has surged in popularity over the years. It offers a natural way to combat anxiety, ease pain, reduce stress, and much more. Because it is completely natural, you don’t have to worry about putting your health at risk in any way. This oil has become a popular alternative to over-the-counter and prescription drugs of all kinds. It is important to keep this information in mind when using Hemp or CBD oil.