There are many different DIY videos and recipes for mixing your own at home hand sanitizer. Understandably as the demand has skyrocketed. But are these DIY hand sanitizers really as good as they claim? Experts have started expressing concerns about the effectiveness of these products and here is why.

Alcohol content

In order for hand sanitizer to be effective it needs to have an alcohol content of at least 60%. Any lower and it won’t be strong enough to kill any bacteria. The concern here is that some of the more popular recipes when done right have an alcohol content of 60.6%. This is just over the minimum amount. Should you measure incorrectly, or get one of the ingredients wrong, you are going to drop the content to a level that will be ineffective. 

The manner in which it’s made

Unlike brands sold in stores you don’t have a sterile lab or warehouse in which to make it. If the instruments used are not sterilized you could be making a hand sanitizer that is contaminated. This will obviously not assist in killing anything and could actually harm your health.

The ingredients

The final concern and possibly the most important! The type of ingredients that are being used in these sanitizers. As some may include ingredients that have no effect on bacteria.

What you can do to stay healthy

Recently the FDA issued guidelines for pharmacies to be able to make alcohol based hand sanitizer products until this pandemic is over. These people are professionals that have access to the correct ingredients and the equipment and experience to make effective sanitizers. There are other companies that have stepped up to create these as well. As always washing your hands with soap and water is still the most effective way to kill and stop the spread of germs. 

Final Thoughts

Staying healthy in these times is extremely important. So it’s important to make sure that the products you are using are as effective as possible. Proper hand washing and a medical grade hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of 60% or more is the best way to do that.