We recently posted about the DIY hand sanitizer recipes and how experts are encouraging people to stay away from them. Showing that most either lack the active ingredients necessary to be effective, or they don’t have a high enough concentration of them. So what ingredient does a hand sanitizer need to be effective? The alcohol content is what makes sanitizers most effective.

Check the Alcohol content of your hand sanitizer!

According to medical professionals, sanitizer needs to have at least 60% alcohol content in order to be effective. So the first thing you should check when choosing a sanitizer is this. If it has anything less it will not be effective on killing bacteria or viruses. This is also why a number of them have advised you not to make your own sanitizer. As it’s hard for you at home to double check how much alcohol is in the final mixture. Even is a certain recipe claims x percentage, one misstep, or incorrect measurement will throw the whole thing off.

Some alcohol free hand sanitizers have been shown to be effective as well, mainly those containing an SAB formula which is surfactant, allantoin, and BAC. In the event that you are unable to get a hand sanitizer with alcohol, this could be an alternative. 

Medident Supplies has recently started selling medical grade hand sanitizer, as have other companies to assist in the demand that has recently arisen. These companies have stepped up to help the growing demand so it is easier to get a good effective hand sanitizer.

So when choosing a hand sanitizer, make sure you’re checking the active ingredients to ensure safety. As always, experts say handwashing is the best way to avoid the spread of germs. But if you need something to use on the go, a medical grade sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol is your safest bet.