Certificate of Analysis – Got Yours – We Do

 A lot of our blogs have talked about how to find reputable CBD products. It’s SO important that you know what you are consuming in your CBD products. How do you find that out? First off we wanted to talk about what a COA (Certificate of Analysis) is and why you should only buy CBD products that provide them for each product. As No Borders Naturals does for all their products, they even take it a step further by permanently and publicly recording the COA’s for their entire line of wellness, beauty, sleep and pet CBD products on blockchain via www.CBDLabChain.com 

 As CBD is projected to gain more popularity this year it is important to know what to look for.

 For more information on CBD and some frequently asked questions, the FDA has compiled a list of what they know, you can find it here.

 So what is a Certificate of Analysis?

Certificate of Analysis (aka COA), (also called a Lab Test). Lab results are most commonly used in industries that have regulated products. This is a way to show that products have undergone testing with specific results. 

 CBD brands show that their products have been tested at an accredited lab, and certify that the results shown for the specific batch number are what is contained in their products.  

 The Dictionary of International Trade has a quick explanation of what a COA is for general purposes you can find it here.

Why is it important?

It is important that products have a COA to ensure the CBD products are legal and contain no more than 0.3% THC

 But it’s also important for you to know exactly what you’re getting in your products. Sure you could look at the packaging. But some brands have been less than honest about what is actually in their products.

 Having a COA on them gives you that peace of mind that the products don’t contain any THC. That the amount of CBD listed on the package is exactly what you are getting.

You want to know that you are receiving the best possible products.

 For those who are using it to help with workouts, and other activities definitely want to look for what ingredients are in their products.

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For more on FDA regulations of CBD check out their article!

 What does a COA look like?

A certificate of analysis will have the company name, sample ID, and analysis date. A COA will list what they tested for and the percentage that was found in the product.

Here is a COA for No Borders Naturals BlueBerry Gummy Rings. As you can see, there is no THC listed. It tells you exactly how much CBD is in the sample percentage wise, and gives you a breakdown of how many milligrams are in each gummy.

 Kazmira Premier Science has a great article on How to read a COA.

 CBD Lab Chain

Some companies will post the results on their website, when you are looking to purchase you can link to the specific results. However, lab results can be tampered with, so it’s best to make sure you have the COA.

 No Borders Naturals uses CBD Lab Chain to permanently and immutably record their results. CBD Lab Chain uses the Blockchain platform to secure the spectrum analysis data showing the THC and CBD levels in each individual product. So you can rest assured what you are seeing has been immutably recorded. 

No Borders Naturals has results for a variety of products from Muscle Recovery Roll On and Light Mint Tincture to the Pawsifier Dog Treats, so whatever you are looking for, you have peace of mind that No Borders Naturals has a product that can help. 

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