There is a very strong go, go, go mentality in the world today. As a result of this rushing mentality it can often be hard at the end of the day to shut down your brain, and fall asleep. While there are many factors that contribute to this, such as anxiety and physical conditions, there is an all natural way to help relax your body, so that you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

What is CBD?

 CBD, which is a chemical derived from the plant cannabis sativa, has become more popular in recent years for helping with many different medical ailments. One of which is sleep disorders. 

Why is that? CBD affects the body in many ways and one of those is that it produces a relaxing effect, that calms your body, this helps your body to produce the natural chemicals that put you to sleep. 

What to look for when choosing a company!

There are many different brands and products out there to choose from, one that really stands out is No Borders Naturals. There are many reasons they stand out, but the biggest are the transparency with displaying the lab results for their products, and the difference in how their ZZZ’s CBD Sleep Gummies are produced versus other brands.

No Borders Naturals uses the secure, unchangeable blockchain platform called CBD LabChain to publish their results. CBD LabChain is the only company in America that has lab results permanently and irreversibly recorded on blockchain technology!

Another way you know that you are getting exactly the amount of CBD in their gummies as they say, is because unlike other brands, who have their CBD in the sugar coating around the gummies, which then falls off, resulting in less CBD per gummy than the package says. No Borders Naturals gummies are infused with the CBD in the gummy, so nothing that happens with the coating will affect the amount of CBD in the gummies!

More about No Borders Naturals Sleep Gummies!

No Borders Naturals ZZZ’s CBD Sleep Gummies come in different varieties and flavors so you can choose the taste and type that best fits you. For our No Borders Naturals vegan options you can get fruit slices, bears, or worms. No Borders Naturals gummies are rings and those flavors are Strawberry-Banana, Green Apple, Peach, BlueRazz, Cherry and Watermelon.

Each gummy contains 20mg CBD, and as stated before No Borders Naturals CBD is infused straight into the gummy so you know that is exactly how much you’re getting. 

Each piece contains 1mg of melatonin. While the CBD will put your body in that nice relaxed state and help you wind down from your day, melatonin can help you relax and fall asleep.

Gummies are for more than just sleep!

CBD gummies don’t just help you sleep. They can be used for a variety of reasons, given that CBD is able to help the body in a more holistic way when ingested. Some of the other benefits of CBD gummies are increased mental clarity, reduced inflammation throughout the whole body, less fatigue and soreness post workout, and long lasting relief from discomfort.

No Borders Naturals has free gummy samples just pay (shipping & handling), so give them a try TODAY!! The flavors are amazing and you get a little sample of some of our famous gummies.