CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant that is getting a lot of attention at the moment. Contrary to THC, which is the other major component in the plant, CBD has no psychoactive effects and is used primarily as a form of treatment for things such as anxiety, insomnia, and epilepsy. But there’s another area where CBD has been shown to be beneficial, when it comes to thyroid related disorders. Let’s take a closer look at what CBD can do for thyroid conditions, and a few tips on how to get all of its benefits. No Borders Naturals carries a wide variety of CBD to help your thyroid issues.

How CBD Impacts Thyroid Function?

To understand how CBD works, we have to understand how the encocannabidoid system affects the body. The ECS as it is commonly referred to regulates many functions of the body, including thyroid functions. As a matter of fact, an NIH institute article that was published in 2015 stated that endocannabinoid receptors have been found on thyroid gland cells.

The issue is that regulations have made it very difficult for researchers to work with the cannabis plant in the past because of it controlled schedule status. However, one particular 2002 animal study found that CB1 receptors had an influence on thyroid hormone response. This was corroborated by another study that was conducted on humans. The aforementioned NIH study also found that cannabinoid receptors could be targeted in order to treat thyroid lesions.

What this means is that cannabinoids, either synthetic or naturally occurring ones like CBD, can attach to these receptors, and change the function of the organs these receptors are attached to.

Another study found that not only are there cannabinoid receptors on the thyroid gland itself, but in the part of the brain that sends signals to it. And since cannabinoid receptors can be found there, this means that cannabinoids can also have a direct impact on how the brain communicates with the thyroid and control its activity.

The Different Types of Thyroid Disorders

There’s a wide variety of thyroid related disorders, and they range in severity. Goiters, for instance, happen when the thyroid gland swells up. This is often caused by an iodine deficiency in the diet. Thyroid nodules are another common type of thyroid disorder. While they are often symptomless, they can lead to issues such as discomfort where the nodule is located, shortness of breath, or difficulty swallowing.

But the area where CBD shows the greatest promise is hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland becomes overactive. Around 20% of women are said to be possibly suffering from hyperthyroidism. The numbers are much lower for men. Hyperthyroidism can cause many symptoms such as anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, brittle hair and nails, muscle weakness, and more.  No Borders Naturals carries a wide variety of CBD to help with your thyroid, anxiety and above related known issues.

How CBD can Help with Hyperthyroidism?

There are many ways CBD can help treat symptoms of hyperthyroidism. People who have taken CBD for hyperthyroidism reported relief from muscle aches, anxiety, and trembling of the hands and fingers among other things. CBD oil also helped regulate their heart function, reduce gastric issues, and stimulate appetite.

When using CBD oil, you should purchase it from a reputable supplier and know that it is safe and THC FREE! No Borders Naturals sells a variety of CBD products.   All their products are made from lab tested CBD. No Borders Naturals is the ONLY CBD brand with lab results immutability recorded on blockchain via CBD LabChain.  Not only does this insure you of their purity, but also makes sure that absolutely no THC.

What’s great about No Borders Naturals is that they don’t only sell only oils,  they carry a variety of edible products such as gummies and candied hemp almonds among other things. No Borders Naturals oil tinctures are made from a combination of CBD and MCT oil, which has been shown to  increase the potency of the tincture by increasing the CBD’s absorption rate.

How Should I Take CBD to Get the Benefits?

Taking CBD sublingually is one of the best ways to get CBD into your bloodstream fast. There’s a reason why so many medicines that require fast action are administered under the tongue. That’s because the area is full of tiny blood vessels, which allows for rapid absorption and distribution.

When taking No Borders Naturals CBD oil, it is important to let it sit under the tongue for at least 15 – 30 seconds for absorption. It is also important to take it at the right time for best results. CBD tinctures tend to work best after a meal or snacks, as the fat will allow your body to absorb even more of the CBD.

What’s great about oil tinctures is that they’re discreet, and you will start feeling the effects in a few minutes. You can take a few drops in your car, before work, or anytime you start feeling symptoms.

No Borders Naturals CBD edibles work well for relaxation, anxiety, sleep and many other health benefits. An advantage of CBD edibles is they are long lasting. As a matter of fact, the effects of CBD edibles can last for hours. But the effects can take hours to kick in as well, so you’ll have to take them before you feel symptoms.

What is the Perfect Dosage for CBD?

Since there is still little research on how much each person should take, and different people might need more than others, you have to do some experimentation. The most important thing is to start small. And don’t worry, there are no ways that you can overdose from CBD. The best would be to start with small 5 mg doses or less to test the waters, then move up or down depending on the effects.


CBD oil is one of the most promising compounds found in the last recent years for the treatment of thyroid disorders. It could be a great, and natural, alternative to thyroid medication, and could help alleviate some or all of your symptoms, with minimal side effects. Whatever you do, buy your products from a reputable company, No Borders Naturals and test different dosages and routes of administration if you want to get the best results.