Menopause Really Is a Thing

Oh no, not menopause! No woman wants to believe that she’s going through menopause, but we all do it. Fortunately, it has finally begun to be studied by the (mostly male) scientists who study molecular biology. Those same scientists have concluded in small clinical trials that the endocannabinoid receptor 2 (remember there are two different endocannabinoid receptors in the body and they control different things), can be activated by CBD oil to help relieve symptoms.

Anecdotally speaking, menopause turns out to be one of the top reasons that people use CBD products. Hemp oil, which is available everywhere, is gaining a great reputation for treating peri- and postmenopausal symptoms such as osteoporosis, mood swings, weight gain hot flashes and joint pain. Why? Because kicking up the body’s own endocannabinoid receptors can produce a lifelong defense against menopausal changes.

They Don’t Think We’re Crazy Anymore

We now know that women who are going through menopause have to deal with brain chemistry changes and inflammation. That’s why so many menopause sufferers are either depressed or anxious or both, in addition to the kinds of symptoms they talk about more readily such as hot flashes. None of this is comfortable. But we don’t expect it to begin as early as it does.

Yet many women begin to feel uncomfortable in their forties thinking that they are going through menopause. When they have their hormone levels drawn, they find out they may not go through it for another ten years. For the better part of a decade they will be in something called perimenopause where estrogen levels swing wildly from high too low and make us almost as miserable as menopause does. This is the time when traditional doctors used to recommend hysterectomy. 

What to Do During Perimenopause

During perimenopause you might experience aches and joint pain and the beginnings of arthritis more than 60% of women age 40-64 suffer joint pain. Because CBD oil is an anti-inflammatory oh, it’s better to rely on it during perimenopause than to get “hooked” on arthritis drugs, which are bad for your heart and your digestive system. When I was perimenopausal myself I started to have joint pain and was prescribed a medication called Celebrex, which was later removed from the market because it gave people a predisposition to heart attack.

Interestingly enough,  in my later years I do not have arthritis pain. My joints are no less worn than they were before,but I practice yoga, I walk, and I use both NoBorders Naturals CBD oil and CBD topicals I’ve kicked my endocannabinoid system into gear and it works on my behalf.

More of a problem for me during menopause than even joint pain was irritability. During that time my loving husband, who was a physician, decided that what I needed was hormones and brought me home some estrogen pills and suggested gently that I take them. 

I threw them in his face because I was so irritable. Now, two decades after he died, I realized he was right. I needed something. I toughed it out, but I wish I could have had access to CBD at that time. Women today are lucky and they should take advantage of that.


Best News Yet for CBD and Menopause

Here’s a piece of research about menopause that I know you will love. Small population studies have found that people who use cannabis products have lower insulin levels and smaller waist circumferences than those who don’t. Don’t take this too seriously, but cannabidiol could contribute by switching on the genes for a healthy metabolism.  CBD also helps buffer the activity of natural endocannabinoids linked to insulin resistance and ramped up during menopause.

Once again, menopause is a condition in which we use edibles, rather than topicals, we urge you to know your supplier, because all CBD oil is not the same.