Anyone who has ever had problems with arthritis knows just how frustrating it can be to deal with. This inflammatory condition can cause a lot of discomfort, but it doesn’t have to be. CBD has proven incredibly effective at managing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. If you want a definitive way to reduce your discomfort, you’ll definitely want to explore this option before making a decision. This is one of the best natural arthritis remedies on the planet today.

How Does CBD Help with Arthritis?

CBD has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation caused by arthritis. This inflammation is ultimately why you experience all the discomfort with your joints. It also doesn’t have to contain THC to help with this condition. Cannabidiol on its own is more than enough to treat inflammation.

Scientific Research

There have been quite a few clinical studies involving CBD as a treatment for arthritis. These studies have produced some very encouraging and impressive results to say the least. A majority of people in most of these studies found some measure of relief with cannabidiol. More research is being done into this every day, but so far it seems to be a very effective option for people with this condition.

Finding the Right Dosage

If you are going to use CBD for arthritis, it is very important that you find a dosage that works. You should make a point of finding the perfect dosage. The fact is that there is no universal amount that works well for everyone with arthritis. This is why you’ll have to go through some trial and error. It shouldn’t take very long before you finally discover the dosage that works best. The more severe your condition, the larger the amount you will need to take each time. You can start off with around 10 milligrams and work your way up. Some people need to take as much as 100 milligrams of CBD each day to quell their discomfort.

Different Forms of CBD

When you research your CBD options, you will quickly discover that it comes in a variety of forms. It is important to take a close look at all of these options to find one that is perfect for you.

Topical Products

There are lots of topical CBD infused products that you can rub on your joints to get near instant relief. No Borders Naturals offers a CBD Muscle & Joint Balm that can help you get fast and noticeable relief. It is derived from hemp and will soothe your sore muscles so that you no longer have to deal with that horrible discomfort. It doesn’t take very long for this product to start working its magic. One of the great things about this topical CBD product is that it’s not messy like so many others.

Oil Tinctures

You can also purchase CBD oil tinctures as a natural remedy for your arthritis discomfort. You simply put a few drops of the oil under your tongue and swallow. These tinctures can be incredibly helpful with treating inflammatory irritation, and they are great for finding the right dosage. You will be able to determine exactly how much you want to consume at any given time. While the taste doesn’t appeal to everyone, it is an option you should at least consider.


There are also numerous types of CBD edibles that you can purchase. No Borders Naturals also offers gummy candies that are infused with cannabidiol. They can provide you with fast relief from your arthritis discomfort without any off-putting taste. If you aren’t a big fan of the oil because of its taste, edibles are a viable alternative.

Signs of High Quality CBD

You will need to pay attention to certain things when looking for CBD products for arthritis, including:

  • Extraction method: The extraction method that was used to obtain the actual cannabidiol from the plant is important. The CO2 method is generally considered to be the best. If you are buying from a reputable company, you should be able to get this information on their website.
  • High concentration: Good quality CBD products have a high concentration of cannabidiol. You should never purchase a certain product until you have gotten this information.
  • Flavonoids: Some CBD products have flavonoids, which enhance the medicinal benefits. Full spectrum CBD typically has these, which is part of the reason it is so popular.

You should also make a point of looking for a trustworthy CBD vendor/company to buy from. This is something that not enough people take into consideration, and they usually end up regretting it. The best thing you can do to avoid wasting your money is research some of your options. You shouldn’t buy any products from a certain company until you have gathered enough information on them.

How Quickly Does CBD Work on Arthritis?

The amount of time it takes for you to get relief from your arthritis discomfort with CBD varies depending on a number of factors. The form of CBD you use is something you will need to consider. The concentration of the product is something else that will affect how long it takes to start working. This is why it is crucial that you look for products with a high purity. Many of the balms and topical products tend to work fast. They get absorbed by the skin and start reducing inflammation within a matter of minutes.

Final Thoughts

There is no question that CBD can be very helpful when it comes to treating arthritis. No matter what type of arthritis you have, this is definitely an option to consider. It can give you a highly effective and quick way to get noticeable relief. If you are tired of living your life in discomfort, this is a great option to look into. Many people have even stopped taking their prescription and over-the-counter drugs in favor of CBD. It is a completely natural and safe way to treat the symptoms of arthritis.