At NoBordersNaturals, we feel Arthritis discomfort may be alleviated with CBD products.

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The Arthritis Foundation has become the first nationwide advocacy group to deal with the questions patients have with CBD. Just this week the Foundation released guidelines, and unsurprisingly the guidelines urged patients to go slowly with the use of CBD. and not to abandon the arthritis medications prescribed by their physicians.

An estimated 54 million Americans have been diagnosed with arthritis, and many of the more common drugs used to treat it, including NSaids, have a of risk unpleasant side effects, including digestive disturbances, swelling of legs and feet, and in some cases blood clots.

A Harvard Medical School researcher (Dr. Pieter Cohen,) who studies drug ingredients says

“Before CBD supplements are recommended, we need to have a marketplace where the label actually reflects what’s inside them, and we know that the dose is safe,” said Dr. Pieter Cohen, who studies drug ingredients in the marketplace at the Harvard Medical School and the Cambridge Health Alliance. “We don’t have any of that in place right now.”