A Personal Journey With A Global Impact

Living His Best Life With CBD.

“CBD changed my life and our mission is to share that impact!” -Joseph Snyder, CEO, No Borders Naturals.

Here at No Borders Naturals we are 100% committed to bringing the highest quality, most trusted line of Hemp Derived CBD products to millions of people around the world.

Today we proudly offer a full line of products for everyday people and their pets to enjoy knowing that all the Third Party Lab Tests showing THC and CBD amounts are certified securely on www.CBDLabChain.com

WWE Superstar Kevin Nash loves our CBD too…

“I had tried half a dozen CBD brands before I was introduced to No Borders Naturals, These products really work!” -Kevin Nash, WWE Superstar

If our trusted products help him live fully we know they can help you too!

Lab Tested – CBDLabChain Certified

You Spoke & We Listened.

We spent a year traveling the USA coast to coast and talked to over 30,000 Americans about using CBD. What we heard was that many people are afraid to use CBD because they don’t want to fail a drug test. So we created CBD Lab Chain, the one and only place where our lab tests are immutably recorded. Now you can see exactly what is in our products, and have peace of mind knowing that the product you buy is safe and strong.

We Stand Behind Our Products

Once our CEO had his life changed by CBD, he made it his mission to find a way for CBD to help as many people as possible. We procured our Emu line of products, and started building from there. Now we have a variety of products that can help you live fully. We stand behind them 100%.

All of our products come with a 60-day money back guarantee!

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