Meditation is a great way to relax and calm your mind. Whether it’s five minutes of breathing throughout your day when it gets hectic, or more time at home to start or end your day. It’s a great tool to have, especially now in this time of uncertainty. If you have decided you want to try it out, here are some meditation tips for beginners.

What is Meditation and how does it help?

According to The Buddhist Centre “Meditation is a means of transforming the mind.” Meditation techniques help develop mental clarity, concentration, and a way to calmly see the true nature of situations. With practice this can become your normal state of mind. Allowing you to have a peaceful and energised state of mind to combat whatever happens in your world. 

Pick a meditation that’s easy for you

A lot of beginners will try starting out with an hour long youtube video, finding it hard to sit for that long they may try a couple times. Eventually they will probably get frustrated with themselves, and give up. In truth no one who is just starting out will be able to sit for that long, when you are learning to meditate you must walk before you can run. So start off small, try a few minutes a day first thing in the morning. Some start with 2 minutes, others with 5, choose whichever fits you and your lifestyle the best. The more you practice the easier it will get. 

You can also pick the type of meditation you do. There are many different ways to meditate so you have the ability to choose one that works for you. There is concentration meditation, which involves focusing on one thing, it can be your breath, a word or mantra, or staring at a candle flame. This is an easy way to refocus your awareness.

A body scan is also a good way to focus your attention. You can start at the bottom or top, focusing on each body part for a bit. So if you choose to start at the bottom start by focusing on the soles of your feet, how do those feel? Then slowly moving up to the toes and the ankle until you get to the crown of your head. 

Don’t expect to completely clear your mind!

Another good beginners meditation tip is to make sure you understand that it is unrealistic to expect your mind to be completely cleared. Yeah you may have some sessions where your mind is quieter than others. But there will be other times where your brain just will not stop. Don’t get frustrated with yourself or think you’re failing. Just refocus your mind back to what you’re doing. Whether it’s your body scan, or concentration point. 

Be comfortable

There is a certain position that has become the stereotype for how you are supposed to sit when meditating. There is no specific way you have to meditate. It’s important that you find a position that is comfortable for you. If not you won’t be able to meditate since you will be constantly focusing on how uncomfortable you feel. So find that spot and if at any time it starts to become uncomfortable, then readjust. 

Build your practice

This beginners meditation tip was already touched on in a previous tip. But it deserves to be mentioned again. So once again you need to walk before you can run, start off small with short periods of time. Then eventually build up to longer periods. Also starting five minutes a day in the morning helps you create a habit, so you can move throughout your day with clarity. The longer you do it, the more intune with your mind and body you will become. This will allow you to walk through your days with more clarity and you find that you will have to stop and breathe less and less. Or at the very least it will be easier for you to take that five minutes mentioned early to reset your mind. 

Try CBD!

CBD or it’s psychoactive counterpart THC have been used for years in yoga and meditation practices to help relax the mind and body, to allow you to get into a meditative state easier. Take a couple drops of CBD oil under your tongue 5-10 before you sit down to start meditating. The CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system of your body, calming you. It can help you start to relax before you even start meditating. You can also try a topical balm or lotion, while this may take a little bit longer to absorb through your skin, the other calming scents that are added to these can give you a little extra boost.

Final Thoughts    

Meditation is a great way to focus and ease your mind in uncertain times. The best thing to remember now is that you cannot control what is going on in the world, only how you react and view it. These five beginners meditation tips can help you start your practice, and in time train your mind to react to situations better and remain calmer.