If you made weight loss one of your New Year’s resolutions we’ve got some workout tips for you. Weight loss, or working out, is probably one of the most popular resolutions. However most people never actually start working out, or do it for a month, maybe even a few months, and quit. Starting to workout when you have no idea what you’re doing can be overwhelming. Finding the willingness to keep going can be hard. And now with gyms being closed down, it’s gonna be easy to find excuses to slack off or not do it at all. Here are 5 workout tips every beginner needs to know to start, and some things to keep in mind, to keep you going.

  • Ask yourself “why and how?”

Our first beginner workout tip is to ask yourself why you want to start this now and how you are going to do it. It’s easy to decide that you wanna start working out, and in the moment there are always really good reasons. But at some point we forget those reasons or they don’t seem as important. It then becomes really easy to start skipping workouts. Once you start skipping it becomes even easier to fall back into old habits.

An easy way to avoid this is to identify your why up front. Figure out why you personally want to lose weight. Something that is going to keep you motivated down the road when things get harder, because you’re tired, and fitting workouts into your busy life doesn’t seem like such a priority. If you have a clear identification as to why you started this in the first place, that is personal and motivating to you, you will be able to find that energy again.

Identifying the how is also essential. If you can come up with a clear plan as to how you are going to fit working out into your life, it will seem less overwhelming. Some people stop because their lives get busier, or the added time in their schedule makes them tired. Having a clear plan of the days and times you can fit it into your schedule will definitely help you with that.

  • Start slow

Beginner workout tip number 2 seems obvious but for some people it’s not. It’s super important that you start slow for a few reasons. If you’ve never worked out before, or even if you haven’t worked out in a while, trying too much can cause injury. It can also make you feel burned out faster, and even discourage you if you’re getting the results you’re looking for with an aggressive workout. It’s better to start slow, developing good habits and easing your body into the more aggressive workouts when it’s ready. This will help you avoid injury, and keep you going longer.

  • Pick a workout you like

Of all the research we have done this by far is the best tip. Pick a workout you enjoy! When you’re just starting out it’s gonna be hard to find the energy and willingness to continue because you won’t be seeing any results from your workout. Finding something that you enjoy doing will help you get up and go. There are many different classes out there you can take such as spin class, Zumba, Yoga, or even youtube some dance workouts. Some people may find walking or running and listening to music enjoyable. Whatever you find that gets you excited to work out. 

  • Don’t skip your warm ups and cool downs

This tip is extremely important! Starting a workout without properly warming up can put stress on your heart. According to heart.org a good warm up “dilates your blood vessels ensuring that your muscles are well supplied with oxygen. It also raises your muscles’ temperature for optimal flexibility and efficiency.” Warming up helps get your body ready and prevent injuries.

Cool downs are just as important. Allowing your body a slow decrease in heart rate and body temperature can prevent you from passing out or feeling sick. Doing some stretches as a cool down can help lower the buildup of lactic acid in your muscles, which will help prevent muscle cramping or stiffness.

Adding a CBD product to your before and after routine can help with these as well. CBD oil taken before your work can give you an extra burst of energy. While taking it after or using a topical like a lotion or balm can help with muscle inflammation

  • Be patient with your body.

It’s important to understand that results will not come right away. Losing weight takes time. So be patient with your body and don’t give up. A lot of people get discouraged that they aren’t seeing the results they want right away. Or they get stuck comparing themselves to their friends who may be getting a little better results than they are. Understanding that everyone’s body is different and working out is a journey can help you be more patient when you’re not getting the results you want. Weight Loss is a combination of regular exercise, healthy eating, and getting enough sleep. Everyone has their own journey so don’t get discouraged. Let yourself get used to the workouts and movements and give your body time.

Final thoughts

There is so much information in the world about exercising it can be overwhelming. All this information readily available can make it easier to start working out. Just make sure you keep these workout tips in mind, and check out other articles that are written specifically for beginners.